Friday, March 30, 2012

...scarves....warping wheel

Thought I'd post a picture of the finished, well almost finished, tencel scarves....still need to twist the fringe on them, haven't ironed them either since washing which will give the tencel a beautiful sheen.
Here's a picture of the AVL warping wheel I posted a couple pix of yesterday. It's a big thing, awkward to move around and tough to find a place to store but it's a very cool piece of equipment. Fiber friend Nadine emailed this morning after seeing my post and said she used to put weights on the 'legs' to keep it from moving while winding the warp on the sectional beam - will be using that tip next time. I think I mentioned this before but this is not exclusive to AVL looms, this can be used on any loom with a sectional beam. It eliminates the need to wind spools, no tension box needed. I have no clue which way is faster (haven't warped sectionally using spools & tension box in a long time) but I do like the cross maker on this so I can keep my ends in exact order for threading the heddles, I just slide the lease sticks through each cross after all sections are wound on the back beam - no tape needed to keep threads in order.

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