Sunday, October 29, 2017

Instead of doing what I should be doing............

Instead of doing what I should have been doing today I decided to cut out fabric circles for my next pancake quilt. I have a couple other sewing projects that are gifts but they are ones that I really have to read instructions and pay attention.....cutting out circles this afternoon took no brain cells. This quilt will be an afghan size just perfect for me to cuddle up under on cold winter evenings. You can see a finished pancake quilt I did earlier this year HERE.

I've been collecting gingko fabrics for a number of years now so I went through my stash. It must have taken me 2 hours to decide which fabrics - some were definite no's, blues, pinks, etc. I'm still not sure how these will look in the finished quilt but this is what I'm going with.......they are all colors that will go in our living room. These are 9" circles I cut using a rotary cutter on a spinning cutting mat, I could cut 4 thicknesses at a time -  in all 77 light circles, 77 dark circles. Next up is to cut 77 pieces of lightweight batting..........then I set it all aside and get back to holiday gifts but it's exciting to know it will be waiting for me to start sewing on whenever I'm in the mood.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Stitchin' away........

I was stitching away on some secret projects today. Very fun but they require some brain cells which I seem to not have many of today after over a week of little sleep.........only one seam had to be ripped out and re-sewn. I had a feeling I was sewing it wrong but went ahead with it anyhow........yep, lack of functioning brain cells. Finished projects will show up on the blog later in the year.

I'm finding I need to stay out of fabric shops, there are so many incredible patterns that I just can't seem to resist and my stash is out-growing storage space. Recently I was at the local Bernina shop for needles and was, luckily for my wallet, running late for a weaving guild meeting so I was saved from getting sucked in to buying any fabric - phew. And they had some great new lines in the shop.........that I may have trouble resisting next time in the shop........

Towels back in stock.........

Yesterday was spent at the embroidery machine stitching up some towels I had sold out of and stitching up a new design, the autumn wreath. These are all for sale in my etsy shop along with many other holiday and everyday towels. I just love the designs available from Embroidery Library and Urban Threads.

I made this fun holiday star at the American Sewing Guild meeting earlier this week. It's fabric, 2 different fabrics bonded to each other. I was using stash from my cupboard, I love the black fabric with colorful snowflakes on it. I think this will look fun hanging in our octagon window in the stairwell.  I can picture these in different sizes in red, white & blue fabrics, hanging on the front porch railing for July 4th. They would do just fine outside since we get no rain in the summer.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Yes, been missing in action again - just not doing anything much and don't feel like writing a thing. It's ok - just trying to go with the ebbs & flows of life as smoothly as possible.

Here is the finished Bella Shawl (by Annie Lee-Baker) - I finally got it blocked early last week. I used Berroco Boboli Lace Yarn. Colors are not as vibrant in the photo - very foggy out this morning so this is the best I could do. I love the way it turned out - not sure if it's me though, will try it on with a black outfit and then decide.....but it was great fun to knit.

I just started on a new shawlette/scarf using Huckleberry Knits gradient yarn - it goes from green to blues to purple. This is a no thinking shawl which suits me just fine for tv watching.

We get no real fall color here in SW Oregon - too many evergreens, temperatures not right. We have numerous oaks on our property but they always turn an ugly yellow brown and then fall off but this year one tree is a lovely orange. This pic was taken yesterday when it was sunny out, today we're socked in with least at our house, sunny in other areas.

Oh, and as of last Friday fire season was officially over - whoo hoo!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

This and that.......

Still not accomplishing much but that's ok - it's my life, I can do what I want..........most of the time.  Friday morning I drove 5 miles up the road to the Hugo Ladies Quilt Show - always a fun event with quilts on display inside the historic one room schoolhouse, lunch including home made pie for sale, vendors and music outside.  It was too hard to get photos of many quilts this year so I only took a few pix.

I love this quilt pattern and the colors. I'm impressed with the curves and points in it - construction was incredible.

This was one of the quilts by the featured quilter - she had many quilts I loved but this old fashion one with the applique really struck me.

And although not my favorite colors put together I always love a good hexie quilt.

After some time in the morning at the quilt show we took off for the coast for 4 days - the weather was glorious. These are raccoon prints on the beach - wondering if they're just out enjoying the surf & sand or maybe eating some of those crabs washed ashore.

Yesterday I did finish knitting the shawl I recently started on - if I'm feeling up to dealing with it today I'll get it blocked. Maybe I'll get some sewing in today. Pix to come when it's camera ready. Tempting to start another shawl or play on the blending board but first need to work on some gifts.

Once again more tragedy in the news - the devastating fires in California - my heart goes out to all affected and I'm sending positive thoughts that the firefighters get them under control soon.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Yet another sad and stressful day......

It seems like it's never ending - always something tragic or unbelievable or depressing on the news anymore which is why I've cut back watching once again. I couldn't believe my ears as I sat down to the computer this morning and put on GMA. I eventually had to turn it off as my stomach was turning, my chest tightening. My heart goes out to all those affected by the carnage in Las Vegas.

Last week I finally got to the bead shop. This afternoon I worked on beading a scarf. Above I used long pins to audition the beads on. It would be much easier if I had pins with no big heads on them but I don't seem to have any 'standard/old fashioned' straight pins any longer.

Here I've got the one end of the scarf beaded, working on the second end. It's probably hard to see in the pix but the beads also change color across the width of the scarf just like the warp does. I wish I could capture the iridescence of this scarf........actually I may have been able to if I had better lighting and background but this was just a quick shot in the middle of beading.

Last week I made a walker bag for a family member back east who is using a walker while recovering from surgery. These fabrics were from my stash, button from my vintage button jar. I think it's really fun and cheery - just what she needs on her walker. I've done some other sewing in the last week but it's all for holiday gift giving so I can't show it here.

And to end on a light note rather than how I started out - tiny little kittens!  We were on the coast this past weekend and the kittens across the street are growing up. Neighbor J had a feral cat, one of the many in the neighborhood, give birth in her bushes. J has contacted a rescue place that will come and get the kittens in a week and find them good homes. J has done a great job of socializing them so they'll be very adoptable. They will all be fixed before going to new homes. Since Momma wouldn't be very adoptable being somewhat wild J has offered to keep feeding and watching over her - they will come get her for spaying so there won't be a repeat least not from her. Sure wish we both weren't allergic to cats because I'd love to bring one of the little gray ones home. I did snuggle one of these but then quickly went and washed my hands before touching my face or I would have been a mess for a couple days.