Friday, October 21, 2022

Once again..........

Once again I haven't posted in a long time.  I just don't feel like I have much to share.  But I am working more on creative projects than I had been but most are holiday gifts so I can't share them here right now.

We needed some new pillowcases for the beach cottage so I whipped these up last week - two of each, ready to put to use next time we're on the coast. 

Yes, the photo is sideways - have no clue why, sometimes happens when I use my phone.  

I went to the Hugo Quilt Show the beginning of the month, always fun as it's mostly an outdoor event. I always buy raffle tickets and I won a big basket filled with kitchen/grilling related goodies. Very fun. There are many things we'll use, some we won't that will be passed on to others. 

I started spinning some lovely hand-dyed fiber, will share when I get my Hansen e-spinner out again. It's having a slight problem Sam needs to figure out - the foot pedal isn't working. Luckily, I can turn it on with the switch so it's still quite useable. 

My brother arrives from the east coast today for a visit - he's sitting in Denver waiting for his second flight as I type. I haven't seen him since before covid so I'm really looking forward to his visit.

Will try to post more of what I'm up to again.