Wednesday, March 23, 2022


 It was time to take down my shamrock flag but too early to put out the bunny/tulip flag so this afternoon I whipped out a heart flag in support of those in Ukraine who are living in the most horrible of situations - my heart goes out to them. It's not even quilted - just a single layer of piecing. 

I've been MIA once again. Since my last post we practically packed up the entire house and stored it in the garage so the majority could be painted and then get new flooring. At the same time we updated the guest bath which we luckily got finished up before family visits the beginning of April. All we have left in the house to do is painting and new flooring in the master bedroom and bathroom - that will wait until we're up for another mess.......and we're not just updating our bathroom we're gutting it.

I'm hoping now that we've finished working on my cousin's house, which sold a few weeks ago after spending the better part of last year working on it........and now that we've gotten part of the work done here at our house that had been put on hold 2 years ago.........and are working on getting the garden beds ready, that there will be more time to be creative. I've been wondering how I ever wove, sewed, spun, dyed, or knitted all day because the past couple of years I was lucky to do anything creative and fun.  I think that light I'm starting to see at the end of the tunnel is no longer the train rushing toward me! 

Hopefully I'll be posting more in the future as I get more time to be creative. In the mean time I wish you all peace and send big hugs to those in Ukraine or who have already fled the country.