Monday, November 24, 2008

Fingerless Gloves

Just finished the second glove this evening so I thought I'd
edit this post and put up another picture.I started a pair of fingerless gloves last night - this is the first one finished, second one is half finished. This is the first time I've knit any - what fun, and so fast using worsted weight yarn. Will definitely be knitting more of these.

Heart 2 Heart Benefit

One of the local banks - Evergreen Federal introduced a community art project to help save lives through raising money to purchase automated defibrillator devices for the public schools. The project is called Heart 2 Heart. For every heart picked up, decorated and brought back to the bank for display they will donate $1 to the fund (over 5000 hearts are available for pickup). By Valentine's Day the hearts will be available for sale raising even more money, any not sold will be donated to local nursing homes and soldiers serving in Iraq. This project was just calling my name to needlefelt another sheep in the series started with my felted tea cozy earlier in the year. Here's a picture of the finished heart - below are pictures of it in progress. Hopefully I'll get this dropped off at the bank in the next two days.
Here is the wood heart I picked up at the bank - I painted the sides not knowing what I'd be doing as far as finishing them.
For the background for the heart I decided I wanted to felt some pink wool. I started out with wet felting some wool I had dyed but wasn't happy with that so I then moved on to knitting a blank which I then felted in the washing machine. It turned out great although it was touch and go on if it was big enough - just made it with a quarter inch to spare on the sides.
These are the flat pieces in black and natural I'm needlefelting to make the sheep's body. In needlefelting I use a needle with barbs that as it gets punched through the wool it felts it together.
Here I'm starting to felt the sheep body to the pink felted background. I cut out the shapes from the flat pieces of natural and black felt that I made.
Here is the piece after I've needlefelted the stems on using green wool. I've started felting the leaves on - I made them the same way I made the body felting 2 colors of green into a flat piece and then cutting the leaves out of it.
The heart is almost finished here - I just finished putting the needlefelted flowers on, last step was to glue it to the board and trim it up.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Silk Scarves

Yes, I'm still here - just bogged down working on gifts (which can't be posted lest I spill the beans), our Christmas cards, making special order scrabble pins, a fiber heart for a cause (will post pictures once finished) and getting ready for the Pacifica Winter Arts & Crafts Festival. Finally this morning I've posted a handful of my hand-dyed silk scarves and a shawl. I have many more in the studio but just put a sampling up in the etsy shop.

Friday, November 14, 2008

New Items in Online Shop

Hi all, still trying to play catchup here. I finally got more items up in my etsy shop: knit hats, felted bags, felted soaps (only a sampling of these up, have many more in stock), TEA scrabble pins and various other personalized scrabble pins. Please check them out for holiday gifts. I still have to work on more picture taking of hand-dyed silk scarves, I'll get a sampling of them up soon.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Scrabble Tack Pins

These are my scrabble tack pins - I've made numerous ones for gifts and for sale here locally. I've decided I'll try them in the etsy shop using a limited choice of charms. They will be made to order when someone buys one with the initial of their choosing, charm and bead color. These are $12 each. There is a tack, similar to a tie tack on the back for pinning it on a sweater, blouse or jacket......or even a tote bag. Right now I'm offering in the way of charms the celtic heart, female yogi, I love to knit, I love to crochet, heart in hand, knitting sweater and pine cone. I have many other charms but only a small number of each so I won't be posting those but if anyone is interested in knowing what else I have drop me a line - as an example I have frogs, flowers, roosters, cats, golden retriever, and sheep, of course.

Scrabble "Tea" Pins

These are my Scrabble "Tea" pins. I haven't sold any of these yet - had only made myself one this last year, decided to go ahead and make some for sale. The charms are a tea bag, a teapot and a teacup. There is a pin back glued on the back. When I wore mine over on the coast recently on our tea luncheon day I had several comments as walking around town on it. These sell for $28.00 each. A handful of them will be up on etsy this week once I get to taking individual pictures.

Felted Soaps

I've been working on items for sale and Christmas gifts the past few days. Obviously the gifts I can't post on the blog until after the holidays - don't want to spill the beans. I finished up the felted soaps. There are lavendar or aloe soaps wrapped in wool and felted so it's a soap and washcloth in one. These are for sale for $6 each - once I get individual pictures taken I'll put some of them in my etsy shop. I'll have them at the Pacifica sale on December 6th and as always they're available from me directly.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Handwoven Scarves

Yesterday I listed a number of scarves on my etsy shop - here are a sampling of what's there. I'm waiting for felted soaps to dry so I can post pictures of them, am working on scrabble pins.......will get pictures of those up as soon as they're finished.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


A truly historic evening, a feeling of hope in this house that change has come.

Monday, November 3, 2008

New Handwoven Towels in Etsy Shop

I'm trying very hard to get photography work done so I can list more handwovens in my etsy shop. I just listed a number of towels this morning. There are two each of each towel in the shop now, $20 a piece. Handwoven towels are the best, I wash and dry mine week after week, year after year and they take forever to even look worn. The pictures are a sampling of how they look finished, close-up, on the loom. There are 2 in the dark green, 2 brown in the forest huck towels. In the huck lace towels there are 2 peach, 2 mint green and 2 tan.

The plan for this week is to get up a number of my handwoven scarves too, many handpainted, some chenille, tencel, wool, alpaca or rayon. Photos just need editing on those. Then when I'm ready to set up for more photos I've got hand-dyed silk scarves and felted soaps to get up in the shop.