Sunday, February 18, 2024

Yet another warp......

It's good to have a weaving goal for the year with my secret project - it has gotten me back to doing what I love.  Once I stopped selling my handwovens my motivation went I was doing other crafts.  This warp went on the AVL yesterday. I just wove a few inches to make sure all was ok.  This is an original 32H draft based on Iranian tilework from centuries ago.  I designed it for a guild challenge where we picked a country's name out of a bag and had to weave something inspired by that country - I pulled Iran.  That was around 7 years ago, give or take.  I may weave today although I have a few other things to work on too so may not make it to the loom.

Thinking of guild challenges, our challenge for this year was pulling a National Park postcard from a pile of envelopes containing them. I pulled Isle Royale which is a Michigan island in Lake Superior very close to Canada. I had never heard of it.  A fellow guild member told me about author Nevada Barr who wrote a series of mystery books that take place in National Parks, the main character is a female park ranger.  The second book in the series took place on Isle Royale.  I have now read 3 books in the series, they're light and quick reads and I'm enjoying learning about more National Parks.....will soon get the next in the series from the library.  I have an idea for my challenge piece but am waiting for one supply I need - will share my plan when I get it on the loom. I decided in addition to a woven piece I'll also knit the hat out of the book Knitting the National Parks - I'm ready to start that any day now.  BTW - that book is a beautiful knitting book, love the hat patterns for each park. 

Onward with the day..........


Friday, February 16, 2024

More for the secret project......

More weaving done for the secret gift project.  This is a draft designed by Ivy DeHart - forgive me for forgetting if I got it from the Complex Weavers book, their website or  I got it a number of years ago and didn't write down the source of the wif file.  The design was originally horizontal but for my previous scarf projects I wanted it vertical so turned the draft.  Once I turned it, it was 20H. This is woven in 10/2 perle cotton.  I originally wanted to use a seafoam for the weft which would have been perfect for a scarf or such but I needed a little more contrast so went with a light blue denim color. This morning it is awaiting washing.  

Yesterday was not without snafu's at the AVL when I started weaving.  Springs at the bottom of the harnesses sprung off a couple times, cable came undone from the top hooks and jumped out of the guide a couple times.  Very frustrating but eventually all was well, not sure what the problem was...........and then when I started to weave again I was getting a shed so small the shuttle wouldn't fit through.  I did what often needs to be done with techie things, turned everything off and on, more than once but eventually the shed was back to normal - phew.  The rest of the time weaving was uneventful. 

Next warp planned for the AVL.  It's an original design of mine. I may wind it today........or may get sidetracked and work on something else...........

Wednesday, February 7, 2024


I designed a plaid which will be part of my secret holiday gift project. Finished weaving today, will wash it tomorrow.  I used 10/2 perle cotton for warp and weft. 

More hats being knit on the Addi machine in-between other projects and chores. 


Friday, February 2, 2024

A pile of hats

My goal this week was to get the first bag of hats delivered for those that could use them, those who are living in tents and cars in our community.  Finding out where to deliver was a bit difficult but then I read in a city email update where 2 shelters were opening tomorrow since the temp will be 32 or lower.  I called UCAN (United Community Action Network) and they were thrilled with the prospect of getting hats so I delivered them to their office this afternoon.  After getting home I knit 3 more beanie style hats and will continue to knit more fitting them in-between other activities with hopes I'll have another bag full soon.  I put tags on them with sizing, yarn content and a note saying they're reversible, often with different colors on the other side. There's another organization opening a shelter, it's doctor's and nurses who go out to help the homeless, but all I've found out so far is there's a facebook page and I'm one of the minority who is not on facebook so I can't message them. I'll be working on finding out how to get in touch with them.

I also knit a hat for a friend who had stopped by - she picked out these colors - she'll get it next time I see her. I like this color combo too.