Sunday, July 28, 2019

This and that.......

 Our d-i-l saw the snap bags I use for my Kindle and the power cord and said she'd love some so I stitched those up today, will get them in the mail headed back east early this week.

 She's getting an extra small bag because the first one I made was too small for the power cord. I hope she likes my fabric choices, I love them.

 Working on planning out some holiday weaving - can't say what my projects are at the moment......

…...but it's sure been fun to have time to spend planning projects...….

…...and yes, these 3 projects are all related...….

I've also done some gift knitting but can't post that for a few months......I'm about to start some more gift knitting that I can work on in the evenings while we watch tv.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

More rag runners......

Someone asked me for a table runner to go with her new furniture/d├ęcor so I finally put a warp on (she's waited for months) and am giving it a try. Special orders are difficult for me because I don't really know what someone is envisioning. Hopefully one of these will work.

The warp has two shades of aqua, a light green and gray....perfect for her colorway.....but getting fabric to end up weaving to match is more difficult.  I love the one above.

This one is much more subtle but I like it also.

This one turned out much lighter than I anticipated - still very nice but not sure if it will work.....

This one using a gray print is not long enough for her table but I had warp left so I wove it - maybe I'll keep this one for myself.

As I look at these photos I realize that they really don't show the colors in the warp or even in the fabric very well - much more attractive in person.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

This and that.......

 I finally got a decent picture of the shawl that I blocked last week, the one that I spun the Inglenook Fibers 12 days of Christmas fibers for. Love how it turned out but in this heat won't be wearing it until fall or winter.

And here are the hexxie pieces hand stitched together so far. They're in sections with the flower and part of the white background. I was laying them out to see how many I'll need for an afghan size. I'm thinking 5 flowers across and 9 flowers down but will decide for sure after I get more stitched. Im undecided if I'll put half flowers on the edges or if it will all be white.....will decide that later too.  No stitching at the moment, finger is still sore but I'll be ready with the stick on thimble once it's recovered.  Don't ask me why pictures with the phone sometimes turn when I upload them to blogger - it's not this orientation on my computer. Technology...……

Monday, July 8, 2019

A relaxing 4th

 We spent the last 5 days on the coast, it was great to escape the heat although it's not horrible here in the valley at the moment, but still 70 with an ocean breeze does good for the soul. I finally finished warping the loom over there - a towel warp has been wound on the back beam for months. I got the heddles threaded, then sleyed the reed and tied on.

 I only wove 2 towels to get it started as I had other things I wanted to do - like reading and stitching hexxies…....and relaxing. I can't remember which draft this is other than it came from the Strickler book - my notes are over at the beach cottage. I'll have to get a picture of the hexxie sections I've sewn so far - great  handwork for while riding in the car. I do have a problem though - I can't seem to wear a thimble and I did so much stitching the pad of my middle finger on my right hand is irritated. Maybe I'll put a small bandaid on it for the next round of stitching......which won't be until my finger is no longer sore.

We went crabbing one day - how relaxing can it get just sitting out on a dock throwing the crab ring and pulling it out...……..well, having Sam throw the crab ring and pull it out...…….and put the stinky fish head baits on the hook while I watched birds diving for fish and watched the sea lions watching us throw out bait.....we did lose a bit of bait to them. We caught a ton of Dungeness crab but they were all just a bit too small so they had to go back but we did get to keep the red crab....which we ate for dinner. Being a smaller crab they are a pain to pick but they were yummy. 

Monday, July 1, 2019

12 Days of Christmas

This morning I blocked the shawl I spun and knit from the Inglenook Fibers 12 Days of Christmas spin-a-long. It's hard to see the colors sitting on the rubber squares plus the shadow of the house at the top of the picture but I'll get a better pictures on my mannequin once it's dried. It will be interesting to see how the asymmetrical shape works on the body.