Monday, November 3, 2008

New Handwoven Towels in Etsy Shop

I'm trying very hard to get photography work done so I can list more handwovens in my etsy shop. I just listed a number of towels this morning. There are two each of each towel in the shop now, $20 a piece. Handwoven towels are the best, I wash and dry mine week after week, year after year and they take forever to even look worn. The pictures are a sampling of how they look finished, close-up, on the loom. There are 2 in the dark green, 2 brown in the forest huck towels. In the huck lace towels there are 2 peach, 2 mint green and 2 tan.

The plan for this week is to get up a number of my handwoven scarves too, many handpainted, some chenille, tencel, wool, alpaca or rayon. Photos just need editing on those. Then when I'm ready to set up for more photos I've got hand-dyed silk scarves and felted soaps to get up in the shop.