Friday, March 9, 2012

Rant of the day.....

The title is not to suggest that I have a rant every single day.....but I do have one today. Yesterday afternoon was spent in front of the computer compiling everything we need for our personal/my business taxes. My Excel spreadsheets were not adding up when I'd double check them. Very simple, imput data, add up the columns. No matter what I did a few columns on different pages decided they weren't going to include each line item - argh! Sam knows Excel very well - he couldn't figure out what was going on other than that perhaps in a MS download the program got corrupted. He fixed those problem columns but how can one be positive without manually adding up all the rest of the columns that all is correct - argh. We do have a newer version of Excel on the laptop and netbook - it will be loaded soon on the desktop where I store all these files. That's it for my rant for today.....maybe there will be another one on  Sunday when we sit down with Turbo Tax Home & Business to do our taxes........

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  1. Ian has been ranting for weeks about our taxes. It seems our IRA is in conflict with Ian's home office - big penalty. We spoke to our financial adviser last week, courtesy of our credit union which everyone should have instead of a bank, and she said she'll move it to a Roth/IRA if TurboTax insists. Groan, too complicated :(


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