Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Playing with wire & fiber.....

More samples for the hands-on guild program I'm presenting in April. Just need to tweak the handout and I'm good to go. I'm still auditioning fibers so I can have an assortment for guild members to choose from. I suppose I should have taken some pictures so I could have posted the process......oh well....didn't think of it until now.
This novelty rayon is very fun, I've got several colors of it but tricky to work with since it wants to fray, also kind of hairy, although the photo doesn't show it. Underneath the fiber is a wire coil for structure. I decided this one needed a little curly bit at the bottom, kind of hard to do working with this craft wire, usually I make them using silver which is softer. After forming the curly I pound it flat on a metal jewelry board with a steel jewelry hammer. I added a glass bead to the top of my coil.
This was made with a fun novelty yarn with sparkles running through it. I used an antiqued gold wire.
Some fun rayon/wool novelty yarn, it also has some sparkle in it.
I don't care for these colors much but I wanted to try out this type of ribbon, it worked well.
This is a different brand of ribbon - love it. This matches the necklace I made last week. The wire coiler isn't long enough to wind a piece this long so Sam picked up a piece of steel and bent me a custom piece so I could make a bracelet.
This pair of earrings I used an 8/2 tencel, it worked, they have a nice sheen to them and I have a ton of colors to pull from for the program.

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  1. I have no idea what you're doing but I sure do love how it looks.


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