Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I thought I'd be getting back to the loom today but wait! I have to give a guild program in 4 weeks and I haven't done a thing other than get a smokin' deal on wire coilers for guild members - yikes!  So today I worked on a sample or two, measured out two different sizes of wire for each kit and put the wire coilers in bags to organize. I still need to work on some more samples and compose my handout. I'll teach fellow guild members how to make wire coiled beads from a workshop I took at the weaving conference last year. I received one of the scholarships the guild gave out which means I share something I learned there with the group in return. The goal is to use up some of those thrums we all generate while weaving.
This bead is made with one of those novelty rayon ribbons, I then twisted the same ribbon to make the necklace part
This is a novelty rayon/wool blend - I strung one of my gold necklaces through the bead
Another novelty wool/nylon/sparkle yarn
And this one is a metallic yarn although it's hard to tell in the photo, these beads are small


  1. Those are BEAUTIFUL! Love the last set. Looks like a lot of fun.

  2. Great color and design...I'm a big fan of fiber jewelry .

  3. Gorgeous and I'm squinting because I don't want to look too close and fall in love which would mean I'd have to find time for that hobby.


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