Wednesday, March 7, 2012

the haul......

This is the haul from the Sewing Expo road trip.....
Rayon batiks for summer outfits....loved the crane/shashiko design so much had to buy it in blue and black
Knits to play with, the center two, natural & black, are a blend of milk fiber/nylon/silk...oh so soft
New embroidery stabilizers to try, some embroidery thread bought at a good price, thank goodness I didn't  find any of these colors in my stash once I got home
Curves for sewing construction, new stencils for surface design and some rhinestone bling for totally unlike me but I saw someone wearing one after last years Sewing Expo and loved it, they're small so not too much bling
Lots of bling from Shipwreck Beads - whoo hoo!
Cotton batiks that are in the dryer be added to the log cabin quilt fabric for the beach cottage...for whenever I get to that!
Prints on left are silk remnants, maybe little silk summer tops, a nice cotton for pants and a sheer black knit for who knows what.....


  1. I missed this post, I got so excited about the coiled goodies in the next post. NICE haul! Love the colors of the new thread. I still haven't added a lot to my emb.thread stash, but I did pick up 3 shades of red/coral for a lobster pattern I bought yesterday.
    Oh that is pretty crane fabric and the silks look fun. It ALL looks fun!

  2. Nice Haul! Glad to see all of your goodies. I do wish I had been able to go. I know that you left some goodies behind for others to buy next year. Your cotton batiks are going to look great in your beach quilts.

    Kathy B.

  3. Holey moley, that is some impressive booty. You done good :)

  4. shipwreck beads is soooo awesome!


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