Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wabbits, gobblers and wiley coyotes, oh my.....

This super-sized jack rabbit was nibbling away on something out my kitchen window yesterday afternoon......probably new plants starting to poke their heads up out of the soil...
She posed for many pictures out my window - by the time I took this one I had figured out to turn the flash off the camera.  Just 30 minutes later a turkey came running down the hill behind wanda wabbit....that turkey was running like it was Thanksgiving and someone was chasing him with an ax. Five minutes later here comes wiley coyote stalking down the hill....oh, that's what tom was running from. Wiley stopped right in the front yard which gave me the creeps, we listen to those coyotes all night but I don't want to see them in my tiny plot of grass in front of the house during daylight hours, Bailey and I play out there. And he's a chubby wiley coyote - must have been eating some good turkey all winter long....hopefully turkey and not someone's pets. During the night it sounds like there are pups in the den, younger sounding yip, yip, yips but it's kind of early for those according to my neighbor.....who knows, it's been a strange winter.


  1. Oh my,look at those ears!! The rabbits that live behind us certainly don't grow that big, and the hair on their bellies doesn't look as long as on that one.

  2. It is kind of early, end of next month is more common but if it's a first heat and litter, who knows.
    I'm told turkey is a favorite with local coyotes.....better n chicken or roadrunner! ;)

  3. I don't know how much this rabbit weighs but she's big, obviously has had some good eating all winter long just like the wiley coyote. I still haven't seen any baby bunnies in the years we've lived here....just the adults.

  4. Wow! Such great photos! You're so lucky to have had the chance to get several great pics of a Jack Rabbit! They've become a very rare sight in my area. What an exciting afternoon you had with so many visitors!


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