Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Snow day.....finally

It's hard to believe that it was 70 degrees over the weekend - this is what it looks like outside right now - we've had very little snow at our elevation this year......just a bit higher in elevation has been getting dumped on the past few weeks including overnight. The sun is trying to come out now but I won't be driving down my driveway until it clears, it's a long steep curvy grade with ravines on each side.
This is that merino/tussah I started spinning last night - having trouble getting it thick enough to be a DK weight when plyed - my default spinning is much thinner, especially with this fiber....but I think I've got it now.
Is it time to go out and play in the snow yet Mom????


  1. So did he get to play in the snow? Hope so because even for the amounts we got, it hasn't lasted very long. Just long enough to screw up breakfast in town with a friend yesterday morning!
    The bracelet in the following post is AWESOME Cindie. I like the cute curly Q at the end and the one with the bead is such a lovely color. What a fun meeting it will be indeed.

  2. Yes, we played in the snow and it was the kind of snow that stuck all over his coat, was hard to get off even rubbing him with a towel.

    Hey, if you end up finding you're free that Saturday come on down off that hill to the guild meeting.


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