Thursday, March 15, 2012

No motivation......

I have no motivation to weave today, I haven't woven in a few weeks, just can't seem to get to the loom. Not sure what the issue is but tomorrow is another day. In the meantime I've been doing everything else.....well, except for yesterday when I pretty  much frittered my entire day. This morning has been spent pulling fabric out of the storage cabinet that will be finding a new home. It all started with a friend of mine who volunteers at the hospital (Boom) moving from the library to the pillowtalk group. They make all the little pillows given to patients when they come to the hospital. Hmm, I picked up on that right away - good place to donate all those cottons to.
So, I started pulling fabric out of the cupboard......
and more fabric......
and more...... 
Now the cupboard is reorganized and all the bags of fabric that have been piled around in the room have found a new home so they're out of the way until I get to sewing them. Well, with the exception of the fabrics for the beach cottage quilts - I can stop collecting fabric for those projects and start sewing in the near future....they will sit out staring me in the face. Now comes the second half of this job - decide which fabrics will work for hospital pillows so the rest can be offered to others before they go to thrift stores. Hmm, it's a mess in that room right now!


  1. Brave women...this kind of project breaks my hoarding heart . It does help knowing that items will go to good causes but my mind can never stop thinking...."what if I need this some day ?"

  2. Oh I did have my moments sitting on the floor going through those fabrics thinking about what great scrap quilts I could be making. But I came to my senses - some of that fabric has been around for 20 years and I've never made those scrap quilts....yesterday what lifetime was I thinking I'd do them in??? Besides I did keep a good stash....and after the beach quilts are made I'll have even more!

  3. That's an impressive stash, I must say. There are just so many hours in the day and I find that there aren't enough to accommodate all things I'm interested in. There are weeks I get to a loom, but there are other things that get the loom time instead. I'm never bored.

  4. i think it takes awhile to be in sync with a new loom , and it can be frustrating and discouraging. the learning curve on my first floor loom(an old counterbalance murphy) was easy, i had no previous experience and my expectations were reasonable in terms of quality. after all i was and my murphy are old buddies. last year i had the oppertunity to buy a new loom (she is a norwood jack loom i call lucy). the first attempt at warping did not go well the second attempt was a little better but still discouraging. the third time, i thought, would be the charm...and it seemed to go well but my selvages were wonky and my beat wasnt even.sigh, i was discouraged and spun for awhile, knitted for awhile. i had to live with lucy staring at me naked in the corner for awhile before i realized, that she was a good loom but just different and i needed to give her the same chance id given old murphy. i had to give myself permission to accept that for a while my projects didnt need to be perfect. i say give yourself permission to get to know your new avl and expect that breaks and time outs will be necesary as you and your new loom learn to appreciate each other.


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