Saturday, March 17, 2012


I'm not very into baking, which always disappointed my grandmother - I do like to cook though. Today I baked some cookies from a mix from the Butte Creek Mill in our area - it's oatmeal, dark chocolate and dried cranberries - double yum! I try to get there a couple times a year to stock up on oatmeal, cornbread mix (it's got a very crunchy texture) and a few other fun items, this is the first time I bought a cookie mix. They do have online shopping......


  1. I love the mill. We buy our Vanilla beans there. We stop by everytime we come to your side of the Mountains.

    I am getting ready to spin some fiber that I bought from you last year at the fiber festival! It is so pretty.

    I will go have a look at your etsy store too!

  2. Oh I really like the new look to your blog. After six years, I really need to think about doing something too. Cool!

  3. Aren't they wonderful products. Shop N Kart carries most of them on the shelves and it's hard to go down that aisle without something wonderful jumping into the cart. I'll have to give that cornbread a try!


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