Monday, March 19, 2012

being creative???

Is baking colorful cupcakes being creative???  Maybe not but they're fun. I thought about adding the neon food coloring to the icing too but then decided I wanted the inside to be a surprise at spinning tomorrow. And did you know they have premade icing in tubes that has sparkles in it? I didn't buy any but it was tempting. Since I had to cut this cupcake open to see how it turned out I was forced to eat it......   Now off to ply those two 8oz bobbins of merino/tussah.


  1. Charlotte and Anna want to know if you're going to send the cupcakes to them.

  2. nah, icing would stick all over the inside of the shipping box. just pick them up a white cake mix, vanilla frosting and a set of neon food colorings and you all will be set to go for this weekend!


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