Monday, April 2, 2012

On the loom......

Finally got back to the loom today to thread heddles & reed and start weaving. I really like this pattern, I think it will look fantastic using a painted warp...can't wait for the weather to warm so I can spend a few days outside painting a bushel of warps. This color isn't quite true, the light peach is close but what looks blue is a seaglass blue and really looks nice in person. Been auditioning other wefts for the rest of the scarves. What looks like bumps in the weaving are - those are from the peach rayon which is a flake, hence the thick & thin. Once again I'm being quite tame in my color choices, maybe I'm just looking for more subtle scarves right now - will have to remedy that on the next warp!


  1. That's really a lovely pattern, Cindie. What's it from--can you point me to the draft? Thanks.

  2. Oh that pattern is cool. It look like sea ferns. Can't wait to see what you come up with for more colorful options.
    You always do such a good job with your color choices.


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