Saturday, April 21, 2012

Life's a beach.....

 Morning marine layer along the coast - absolutely beautiful walk this morning......'s looking the other direction......
.....and here's Bailey all tuckered out from a very long walk, at this point he's not remembering we walked so far down that we have a long climb up the scary stairs.....we both think they're scary, those metal stairs that you can see through, gives us the willies climbing them, and it must be 4 flights worth with landings in-between.....didn't find the usual handful of cockle shells on this walk but found what I'd call a 'real' shell, I was so excited....found another treasure - a knotted bag which probably holds bait on a boat over the side to attract fish complete with metal hook....the things that excite us me.

After that great beach walk we stopped at the library on the way home to see the exhibit by the local weaving guild, Humbug Weavers & Spinners, very nice and always wonderful to see the fiber arts being promoted to the general public. After that I picked up my drop spindle and roving and went over to The Wool Co to visit the local spinning group, No Lazy Kates....what a nice welcoming group....I'll go back when I'm here on the day they meet, it's always nice to meet other fiber fanatics.

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  1. I bought my favorite natural dye book at The Wool Co - there's a stamp inside declaring it so, and now the book is out of print.


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