Monday, April 30, 2012

The Washed Ashore Project

This past weekend was a girls coast getaway, me and my good friend Pat, one of my fiber peeps.....well Bailey went too so not a total girls getaway. We walked the Bandon beaches, relaxed, went through some shops, drank a little wine, had great food and just had a nice leisurely 3 days relaxing at the cottage. One of the fun, most inspiring places we visited was The Washed Ashore Project and Art 101 just south of  Bandon on the Oregon Coast. This is an incredible project lead by artist and director Angela Haseltine with the help of many volunteers in the community. Unfortunately we didn't get to meet Angela as she was out of town promoting the project but we had a great visit with a wonderful couple working there on Saturday. Incredible giant sealife sculptures are created with all the trash, marine and plastic, collected off the beaches. The idea behind it is to bring awareness to the problem out there and the consequences of this trash to our marine life. I apologize for the pictures, my phone's camera isn't the greatest but it's all I had with me at the time. Please take the time to visit the websites by clicking on the links to their names above. And be sure to click on the movie tab and watch the video on The Washed Ashore Project site, it's very moving. And there are great photographs on the site....unlike my poor ones. I couldn't leave there without leaving a donation and plan on bringing some items to donate to the resale project to help raise funds. Remember as you look at these pictures that everything was created from trash.

The Sea Cave - they turned out the lights on us and it also glowed in the dark - wow!

Sea cave close-up

Fish tank

Fish tank close-up

Jellyfish made of plastic bottles destined to go with turtles & fish as a part of a larger piece

Part of a tiger shark in progress


  1. Absolutely amazing and will stop and visit on my next trip to OR.dessinsp lretwass

  2. I watched a couple of their slide shows - wow. I was so impressed with the organization, participants of every age and the creativity. They give me hope.

  3. These are amazing examples or turning trash into treasure -- with an important message besides. I'd love to see it in person sometime.

  4. They're pretty but I can't imagine how they can create this stuff out of trash...except for the jellyfish...that one makes sense to me. Amazing and very interesting. Sounds like you had a nice weekend. :-)


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