Thursday, April 12, 2012

...national grilled cheese day....yum.....

This morning I heard that today is national grilled cheese day - my favorite sandwich! So I quickly went to the fridge to see what I had in the way of lonely piece of provolone and a tiny chunk of cheddar left, between the two of them I could make a sandwich for lunch. It always brings back memories of growing up when my friend/neighbor Vicki and I would have grilled cheese sandwiches all summer long while on school vacation and we put pickles in them, sometimes dill, sometimes sweet. In honor of that memory I put sweet & hot pickles and pepperocini in mine - I don't know when I've enjoyed my lunch at home so much.
This is the underside of that first scarf on the warp from yesterday - I like the backside better. I've decided what bothers me about this pattern is that the background is so busy, the crepe weave. As I learn more of the in's & out's of the software I'm going to alter this pattern to be a 1/3 twill. Now off to weave another scarf using a deep red for the that I've finished my yummy lunch....

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  1. Grilled cheese is absolutely hands down my favorite sandwich and yours looks delish!

    Think I agree with you about the busy background on the scarf. The colors are beautiful.


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