Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yes, I'm still here........

Yes, I'm still here.....have just been busy prepping for a couple of presentations and enjoying a visit from my brother from back east. I've got all my samples finished up for the surface design program but still a few projects to get done in the remaining 13 days....yes, I'm counting the days now, getting a little panicky. Tuesday I'm speaking at an American Sewing Guild meeting, these are fiber folks not familiar with weaving at all. They'll be holding their meeting here at my house and studio so it will be easy to explain/demonstrate weaving with the aid of looms. One loom was naked so quickly yesterday afternoon I planned a project of 3 summer shawls so there will be something on the big loom. I just finished getting it threaded and tied on and started above. I'm using Henry's Attic Queen Anne's Lace, Silk City Avanti and 2 colors of 5/2 perle cotton. I quickly realized I needed to use a wide reed with multiple ends sleyed through each dent since the Avanti has very fat slubs. For this first shawl I'm using the same Queen Anne's Lace for the weft, 2nd and 3rd shawls the weft will vary, haven't decided what to use yet. It's fun to put on a quick project like this.

This coming up weekend is a guild sponsored workshop with Anita Luvera Mayer called Vested Interests - it should be very fun. I've heard Anita speak several times and took a class last year at the NWRSA conference called Mud Pies for Adults - all surface design techniques. She's incredibly creative and such an inspiration. I'm so looking forward to this workshop.

Another fiber thing going on in my life is the Southern Oregon Placemat Exchange. I've already started receiving placemats from 6 guilds here in SW Oregon. I'm compiling notebooks with all the drafts and swatches or photos for each guild library and will handle the exchange of the mats. The end of June all those involved will attend a potluck luncheon in Jacksonville - a day of fun and getting to know weavers from other guilds.....and to meet those whose placemats we've received. I had this brainstorm 3 years ago about doing this and presented it to one of my local guilds and it took off from there - first year was a towel exchange, second year napkins. I don't know if it will happen again next year.....depends on the group as a whole.......and maybe next year someone else would love to spearhead it!

Hopefully sometime this week I'll get to writing about how I got into weaving - the challenge was issued by Susan, Lynnette has followed through, I need to too.

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