Thursday, April 16, 2009

Surface Design

This is just a little of what I've been up to - making samples of surface design techniques for a guild program. These are just made on either white or black cotton for ease but these are techniques I would usually use on silk or my handwoven fabric.

The sample above is using Fabricfun Oil Pastels with rubbings, stenciling, and drawing directly on the fabric. The sample doesn't look like much but these are fun to use.
This sample is of Shiva Paintstiks using rubbings, stenciling, a grid of masking tape for making little squares and using the edge of a manilla envelope that was torn.
This is the same Shiva Paintstiks used on white fabric.
This is bondable Angelina. It's holographic fiber strands that are fused with heat - sorry it really doesn't show but they're very shiny & glitzy. I fused pieces for one sample, another there is novelty yarn fused in the middle of pieces - those are not fused to the fabric, they will only fuse to themselves. The other samples (left) are fused to the fabric - the top I applied the angelina to wonder under and cut it, the other I used 007 Bonding Agent to fuse it to the black fabric.
This is foiling which is very fun - the shine doesn't show in the photo very well. My favorite way to use it is silkscreening the foil adhesive (bottom left), letting it dry and then ironing/burnishing the foil on.

I also spent time cutting handmade stamps out of various materials and making handmade stencils and more discharging done on black cotton fabric(forgot to take a picture). I worked on my WOW factor for my guild presentation - many mock-ups done, finally figured out exactly which I want to use which will use 3 surface design techniques. Can't spill the beans though since it's a surprise - will post a photo after my presentation in May.

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