Sunday, April 19, 2009

Surface Design

Today was a day of playing in the studio. I started out with samples using the Shiva Paintstiks - I finished the samples needed but still felt like playing with them so I took out several silks scarves I had hand-dyed...these were ones I always felt needed something else. Well, the paintstiks were just the thing - I used them with rubbing plates. Above are two examples of scarves - guess I only took pictures of the two purple ones so they look similar....but they're not.
Also made freezer paper stencils and printed samples, did some monoprinting and made up a couple silkscreens. Hopefully tomorrow samples of stamping (all different kinds of stamps) and silkscreening samples will be done. Oh, and dyed a silk scarf using bleeding tissue paper - an experiment, can't wait to see the results tomorrow when it's dry.
Did spend some time outside - absolutely beautiful day...........sprayed the dreaded poison oak in Bailey's yard to hopefully combat a repeat of the 3 month bout I had on my arms last spring.


  1. Hi CIndie...
    I'm really curious about this technique you mentioned using shiva stick paints. I looked it up and they are oil based... does the oil stain the woven fabric? Do you find it works better on silk than cotton or wool or others?
    We too had a glorious day yesterday! Spring has SPRUNG!

  2. Yes, they are oil based but no oil stains on the fabric. I've only tried them on silk and cotton so far, no wool but since you can use them also on wood, paper, suede and more I'd think wool would work too. They are very fun, you can use them in rubbings, or draw directly on fabric - they really work great for stenciling. After applying let it cure for 4-7 days, then press to set the pigment, use several sheets of paper in-between it and the iron (newspring, brown kraft paper to soak up any oils). Only thing you can't do is dryclean the finished piece - the solvents will make the design run....but I don't dryclean so no issue here.

  3. Thanks so much for the info -- can't wait to try it! Heading North in a few days and leaving my loom behind. Working on Queen Anne's lace, too -- small world! It's 20 " wide and I'm crossing it with a rough singles bleached linen mill end yarn that I've had around for a while. I'm also working on a presentation for the Weaving History Conference in Clayton, NY on the Bauhaus weavers. It's been fun getting ready, but has cut dramatically into my weaving time. Puppy is sleeping so I think I'll slip into my studio for some shuttle throwing. I'm so glad to have found your blog -- you are an inspiration. Thanks so much!


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