Monday, April 13, 2009

Black Chenille.............

Finally the black chenille scarf warp is off the loom. I was thinking it was on the loom for a record length of time but that's not true......there's a mug rug warp on the small loom that's been there for what seems like forever......just doesn't excite me, but I'll have to weave it off in the near future to so I don't have to look at it anymore. Actually the mug rugs are really nice, just boring to weave.......... So, back to the black chenille warp - the first scarf on it was done in a clasped weft technique, there's a picture of it in an earlier post (oh my gosh - that was on March 27th!!! - what have I been doing???). The next four scarves were woven in solid black - two I worked on today couching a design on them, the other two will get silkscreened using discharge paste, ran out of time today so that didn't happen.
I went into my local Bernina store last year with one of my chenille scarves asking if there was a foot for my machine for couching - lo and behold there was this great foot. First I pull the yarn to be couched through the foot, then I close the top of it. Boy, does this ever make the job easy......not that it was hard before but this is really easy. Below is a picture of the yarn in the picture above being couched on the scarf.
Of course, the yarn I was using for the scarf below has big nubs in it (not showing in this picture) so they won't fit through the cool foot above so I went back to my regular foot.
Right now these two scarves along with the clasped weft one are soaking in the sink, will hang them to dry soon. When the chenille dries it's as stiff as a board and still pretty flat looking but after I put it in the dryer on fluff for 15 minutes they'll be full, soft and drapey....actually pretty yummy feeling.


  1. Yeah!!! Off the loom. I can hardly wait to see them in completed form. Love the foot! What's the number?

  2. yes, that's foot #22. I keep thinking there were 2 or 3 of those in different sizes but I can't remember if there was one bigger than this one to handle fabric with big nubs - this was the first time I had a problem with that.


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