Monday, April 6, 2009

Streaming Leaves Lace Scarf Finished

Yesterday I blocked the streaming leaves lace scarf - in spite of it being warm out it didn't dry until today. I'm fairly new at blocking - most of what I've knit over the past 10+ years have been socks or knitted felted items. It's just been the last two years that I've been knitting more. This scarf was knit from my handspun merino/silk.
After the blocking wires are in place I stretch the wet scarf to size and then place t-pins to hold the wires in that spot. The surface I use for blocking is great and inexpensive. A knitting friend discovered these kids foam floor blocks at Big Lots - there must have been a run on them after that discovery. I've had these for a couple years but have just heard that they still have them at our local Big Lots.
This is how I start the blocking process - I use blocking wires and thread them through the edge stitches of the scarf.


  1. Your scarf is beautiful. Have fun with the spinning group tomorrow. I wish I could be there but I have class on Tuesdays this term.

  2. Thanks for sharing your blocking secret! I don't do that much knitting, so am very happy to know about the blocking wires! I learn something new every day!
    The scarf really looks lovely!


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