Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More handspun....but I didn't spin it!

Here is more handpun from spinner friends of mine. Three weeks ago they each bought some of my hand-dyed roving and have spun it up.
This blue/green was spun by Karen of Applegate Country Fibers, sorry I don't have a picture of what it looked like in roving form.

And this yarn was spun up by friend Linda - I still have some of the roving so it's pictured with it. I named this roving dalmation but after Linda spun it up she thinks it looks like an abalone shell - I have to agree. There is one more braid that will be in my etsy shop soon.


  1. If the Dalmation or Abalone roving is still available I'd like to have it, if possible could you bring with to conference.


  2. Yes, Lynne, I'll squeeze it in the RV. Linda's yarn turned out beautiful. I'm still trying to learn what different dyeing techniques will turn out like. Cindie

  3. What a change from the roving to how it looks spun! That's so interesting to see. It's very pretty.


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