Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chenille Scarves

So here are the 3 chenille scarves washed late yesterday afternoon - there are so yummy feeling, so soft & drapey. Am thinking at some point I may need to weave myself a big chenille afghan - I'd never want to get out from under it! Nothing done in the studio today - was off to a weaving guild meeting and then the dreaded grocery shopping. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get the discharge silkscreening done on the other two scarves as well as other samples for my guild presentation on surface design. I took my hand-dyed rovings from my etsy shop to guild today and this past Saturday. Many thanks to many members who bought from me.....this will help keep Bailey's toys coming. When I sell at guild meetings I donate $3 from each braid sold (approx 8 ounces) to the guild scholarship funds. Oh, I should mention the table covering you can see underneath the scarves is a crocheted tablecloth that was made my my Great Aunt Angela......one of those old italian women who puts curses on others! Anyhow, it's a beautiful piece that I treasure.

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