Sunday, May 3, 2009

Great workshop weekend

It's been a busy week - but what have I accomplished??? Saw my brother off at the airport Monday then got ready for the American Sewing Guild's visit to my house/studio. I had never met any of these women and they knew nothing of weaving - what a nice time, very nice women, I'm glad I agreed to this.

The remainder of the week was spent working on my surface design presentation which will happen next Saturday..........very fun work but I'll be so glad to get back to what I want/need to work on.........two guild presentations so close together has consumed a tremendous amount of time, the majority of my time since January. Hopefully tomorrow I'll knock out most of what's left to be done with the last minute details to finish up on Friday.

I did spend a great weekend in a workshop with Anita Luvera Mayer. We learned about all different types of vests - weaving and embellishing them. Then a small hands-on project of a necklace/pouch in which we learned some beaded embellishment techniques. What an inspirational and creative woman Anita is. In the first hour of the workshop Anita asked us each what goal we'd like to have met a year from now. Mine is weaving more garments (for myself) - I've woven a few but never put it on the front burner since I'm weaving to sell. She said if the goal is put in writing it becomes much more attainable - so into the journal it goes and now it's here for the world to see............or at least the small portion of the world that reads my blog. Here is my pouch - the body of it is melton (fulled wool fabric), lining is pieced cotton.


  1. What a pretty pouch. I too would love to weave more fabric for clothing. Lots of ideas but I need to look for some simple patterns for jumping off points.

  2. What a gorgeous little bag!
    I had an instant vision of my iPod in that... :)

    Sounds like a busy but personally fulfilling time. Times like this seem to shake you out of your usual routine and move you onto newer things!


  3. Your work is beautiful! Anita Luvera Mayer is a great inspiration, I was able to attend one of her workshops years ago. Looking forward to seeing more of your fiber work.


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