Monday, September 13, 2010

Yet more dyeing.......

I'm coming down the homestretch on least I hope so. I've still got 3 different fibers to dye but it doesn't look overwhelming.......well, it doesn't look overwhelming in those nice bags in the huge box. Today was the remainder of the Polwarth.


  1. Oh heavens, that is quite a lot of fiber to have dyed. It all looks great though. Do I see some of that blue jeans colorway, the white blue and black on the end? The green one looks awfully pretty next to it. Maybe Green Jeans? ;)

  2. It's not the exact recipe of the faded blue jeans one but it's similar, it was just playing with the roaster for dyeing.

    The one I really like is hard to see on the left rack, it has the dark red, purples, blacks - I could see that being stricking spun up.


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