Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Great finds.........

Today was spinning day - we did our annual spinning in the park - what great fun. We sat in the huge gazebo since there was a chance of light rain. What a fun day. Following spinning I decided to check out a few local antique shops for more finds for the beach cottage. Well, I came away with a couple little book shelves that were just what I was looking for. The one with the v-shape bottom is a style I've been searching for - and it was only $10!
Thought I'd also show the great spinning wheel lamp I scored at the same shop a few weeks ago - that won't be going to live on the coast, undecided what room it will reside in here....hmm, guess I better get that shop dust off of it and find it a home!

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  1. Oh those are great finds, all of them! I love the little multishelf case too. So much finding these things for a new place isn't it!


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