Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Currently on the Needles

Here's the knitting project I started yesterday, I know....I know.....I have many other fiber related projects I 'need/must' do but here I am starting a knitting project. My original plan was to use handspun but since I run out of hours in my day I decided to purchase yarn.....I'd really like to wear it this winter! This is some of the sale yarn from The Wool Company, I had planned on just looking for a worsted weight I liked but they had the exact yarn called for and it was on sale! The main color looks pretty navy in the picture but it's navy on the teal side. This pattern is from Plymouth Yarn Company - Vest Kimono. This won't be finished in a week, will work on it here and there......the majority of it is totally mindless knitting which is good for toting to appointments and meetings.

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