Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Morning Surf Scarf finished......

I did finish knitting the Morning Surf Scarf (pattern in Spin-Off Summer 2008) yesterday afternoon out of my handspun in my Harvest colorway. This past winter I made a pair of convertible mitts out of the same handspun so now I have a scarf to go with. I love the way it turned out, was a bit worried before blocking when it looked like a mass of curled up threads. Very fun pattern to knit, easy to memorize for mindless knitting.

The tablecloth the scarf is sitting was crocheted by my Great Aunt Angela, an old Italian who put curses on people she didn't like. It's an absolutely beautiful tablecloth that fits my oval oak table, not a stain on it....not sure it was ever used by anyone until me, it was always in my grandmother's cedar chest.


  1. Very pretty. The colorways always turn out so different than I expect. The tablecloth is amazing. Curses you say...what kind of curses do you think? I bet if anyone had stained that tablecloth in her lifetime they would have been cursed!;)


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