Sunday, September 12, 2010

Paybacks can be very very good...........

Ah, Theresa of the Camp Runamuck blog, thought she was paying me back by finding me this dining set to buy at a  shop going out of business in Ashland....but she forgets I was looking for a set for the beach, she wasn't looking for that cute little Camp Runamuck bench I found her and enabled her to buy! Check out the bench on her blog here! I'm so lucky that she felt the need to enable me to spend money because this was just what we were looking for - that neat beachy, cottage look....and I made an offer on it much lower than the going out of business sale price and got it....that really made me happy.
On the weaving front - nothing happening! I'm having withdrawals but I really need to concentrate on getting all this dyeing done. Tomorrow will be another dye day....if I get more sleep than I've had the past two nights. Yesterday was the first guild meeting of the year, the other guild's first meeting is this coming Tuesday.

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  1. Oh, always happy to find and enable. Hope we get to see pics when it's finally set up in it's new home. It is a very pretty table. And what good pictures! ;)


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