Thursday, September 16, 2010

More hand-dyed roving - Polwarth

I don't usually post all the pictures of the roving I've dyed other than on the drying racks but for lack of any other pictures here they are. This is all Polwarth, a merino/lincoln cross. I've spun a sample and it's lovely, soft, and springy like merino with the bit of sheen and added strength from the lincoln. Two braids are curerntly sitting in my spinning basket - two of the far right, second row from the top - I just love those purples, especially that red purple. And then below the chartreuse to black gradation which I dyed specifically for myself - there's only 6 ounces of that. I know this colorway probably repulses some but I love it! I'll divide the roving in half lengthwise, spin each and ply them together. Maybe it will end up in a scarf, who knows, that's a long way off. These will all start showing up in my etsy shop over the next couple of weeks.

On the home front - had quite a scare last night when Bailey, our golden, looked to have a seizure or some sort of episode. Of course, Sam was out of town on business last night so I was here alone. I called a friend for advice, then our vet who will answer calls until 10pm. Today Bailey is just fine like nothing happened. Am keeping fingers crossed that it's a one time event and doesn't become a regular occurance. Kids!


  1. Oh my it's almost like the Polworth fiber that took over the world. Not a bad thing either I might add. Beautiful and I like the acid greenish & black fiber. I bet it will bring lots ohs & ahs once you've magically spun it.

    Glad to hear Bailey is back to normal and no residual
    effects from his mysterious episode. Finger's crossed it never happens again.

  2. Great colors!

    It is so scary when a pet has a seizure. If it's any consolation at all, our dog Kodi had them sporadically for years when he was old. Maybe a few times a year - mostly in the fall - and it didn't seem to affect him much. Once we got used to it, it wasn't a big deal...but that first one was terrifying. We were walking in the woods alone when it happened, pretty far from home.

    We did get him tested and found he had low thyroid at that point. After we got him on thyroid meds, the seizures were less frequent and less severe. You might want to get Bailey's thyroid checked.

    Good luck!


    PS: I can't believe you wove double weave pickup Christmas cards! Your card recipients were sure luckier than usual that year!

  3. The more I talk to folks I keep hearing of their dogs have had seizures. Bailey is back to his normal nutty self. I'd like to think it's a one time thing, will keep fingers crossed. I will be taking him to the vet in the not too distant future to have blood work and rule out other causes.


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