Monday, September 27, 2010

Lots a shopping!

I had a weekend full of shopping but first here's Bailey - he's a turncoat - he's now a Beaver's Fan! His pooch pal Sophie and Mom Janette who is an Oregon State alumni saw the picture posted last week of Bailey with his green and yellow duck - that was just not acceptable in their eyes so a new dog toy was gifted in Beaver's colors. Bailey is saying to heck with those Ducks - I'm a Beaver's fan now!

Early Friday AM I headed north for the Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival. That was really my side trip this year as I had lots of other shopping to do. A number of us from down here were heading up and all met at Bronx Bagels 1 1/2 hours north for breakfast, then a caravan of vehicles pulled into Trader Joe's for snacklets for the weekend. At that point we split up with Margie and I heading up to the hotel in Wilsonville to drop one van and go on up to Fabric Depot. I went with my list for making a few beach house quilts. I never looked at any other fabric because the place is too overwhelming - they have maps at the information counter to find your way around! I did leave there with a lot of fabric and a whole lot less money even at 30% off everything in the store. On the left are the fabrics plus a white on white fabric I forgot to take a picture of which will make two 9 patch and snowballs twin bed quilts. On the right is what will become a log cabin quilt for a full size bed. It was too overwhelming to pick out fabric for our queen size too so that will wait.........besides it will take a long time for me to even get to sewing these quilt tops. The ginkgo fabric in the center is for who knows what - I just love ginkgos.
Friday night was the annual dinner for all at Sushi Track in Wilsonville - sure wish I could get there more often but a 4 hour drive is a bit much for sushi. Much of Saturday was spent at OFFF which is held at the Clackamas County Fairgrounds - great fun, saw lots of friends I hadn't seen in a while and did a little shopping. Really very little shopping since I don't need a thing. I bought some mystery batts (above) from Fantasy Fibers just because I loved the coral colors in them. Picked up some short double point needles, a small gift and that was pretty much it. Left there in the afternoon to head up to Crate & Barrel and The Container Store in Tualatin, on the south side of Portland - dropped a bundle there. And then dinner with 15 of us at a Mexican restaurant.

Sunday I didn't go back to OFFF with everyone else but instead drove through a driving rain down to the Corvallis Fall Festival to see all the craft/art booths and visit with friends Janette & Mark (Beaver & Duck alumni). Had a nice visit and then back in the car down to Trader Joe's in Eugene before heading home. And yes Lynne, I am a wus, I hate those passes with the big single/double/triple big-rigs that slow to a crawl going up hill and speed coming down - tough drive home being as tired as I was and on the road all day. All in all a great weekend, very tired now, trying to play catch up.


  1. Oh boy, that's some beautiful fabric! I had to leave my wallet in the car when I went into Fabrics of Vision for some thread. Geez, so many great new patterns and colors these days.
    What a busy weekend. Crate & Barrel, good stuff!
    Think Bailey would like BC colors?;)

  2. Hmm, not sure about being a BC fan - I misread his love for that duck as being a Ducks fan but he did come from Salem which is closer to Oregon State so I guess he was a Beavers fan all along.....


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