Monday, September 20, 2010

One tired pup........

Bailey has been one tired pup today, three days on the coast with lots of new smells to deal with can tire one out.....not to mention never getting his regular naps. That's Ducky resting with him, fiber friend Mary gave that to him well over a year ago, amazing that Ducky is still living.......guess Bailey is an Oregon Ducks fan being the Oregon native he is.

On the fiber front - I got nothing done today, feeling kind of punk, actually feeling kind of overwhelmed because I have so much to do, so I do nothing. Well, didn't actually do nothing all day, errands, grocery shopping (argh) and then re-strung a shell necklace and beaded bracelet for my friend Yvonne's daughter.

While on the coast I took advantage of a sale at The Wool Company in Bandon, OR and bought some yarn for a few projects. I need to expand my knitting horizons. Am thinking tonight of knitting a swatch to check my gauge so I can start a vest. Of course, this vest is no on the long 'to-do' list of things that are overwhelming me....guess it's a good way of avoiding those things.....


  1. Oh, maybe you could take Stella with you next time. I could use one tired pup! ;)
    Yum, yarn and sale yarn is doubly yum. Yumyum.

  2. Colors - deep burgundy & navy, then ones that look a bit tweedy but very subtle in sage green and tan, red/rust with a variegated matching and deep teal wtih a variegated. Guess I should have taken a picture. After I get the first project started I'll post a picture.


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