Thursday, August 1, 2013

To the hospital......

Well, my beloved Bernina is on it's way to the hospital today. It's worked sporadically over this past few days but mostly not. This is the first issue I've had with this machine. Sam is dropping it off today at Top Stitch over in Medford - they've been closed for vacation and this is their first day open - will probably be a very busy day for Jonathan and Karen.
This is what the screen should look like when working with no problems
And this is what it looks like after stitching one line of stitching, or turning around to the ironing board and back to the machine - goes blank and doesn't work.

I wish I had some fun project to share but there's nothing, been working on the quilt blocks which you've seen and keeping track of the forest fires. I've been using the Brother machine for my quilt blocks - nice little inexpensive machine but definitely harder to get a nice straight 1/4" line, even with a guide.....I miss my Bernina.

No real news on the fire front - they are not especially good with updates on the websites or to the media so we sit here wondering what's going on. The smoke is so bad it's in the hazardous zone in my area, in the almost hazardous zone all over the region. We've been having an inversion layer which is holding the smoke in the valleys, this keeps the fires down a bit but it also means the copters and planes can't fly to help with the fire fight. This also means we, as in the general public, are not seeing exactly where the fires are burning - that's nerve wracking.

I tried to get some good pix of the smoke and ash/burnt pine needles on the vehicles but just couldn't capture it. I have seen some great smoke pictures online, don't know enough about photography to capture what it really looks like.

Now off to take Bailey for a short smokey walk, very short, wearing my mask......


  1. I hope your sewing machine is feeling better soon. ;-)

    You might already know of this site, but just in case, here's fire info site that I use... I should have bookmarked the other ones I was using during the Mountain Fire. Twitter was very helpful though as people on the mountain were posting updates often as well as fire fighters, news agencies, etc. Just use the name of the fire as the hashtag(?)...that's what worked best for me. I also found some info via Facebook by following businesses closest to the fire. Good luck. It must be so hard not knowing and not being able to see.

    1. Thank you - I didn't have this site, I've got it bookmarked now.

  2. Here's another one of the sites I found can click on the fire for updated info and maps of where the fire is burning, where they expect it to go, etc.

    Stay safe!

    1. I check this one regularly - they finally updated while I was out this morning.

  3. Well....thinking optimistically... I'm glad your sewing machine is on its way to being repaired, and that there is some progress in containing some of the fires around you. We had a tiny shower of rain near Portland this morning, so perhaps we are already shifting toward our wetter seasons...I hope that is true for you!
    Gracie :)

  4. I love my Bernina. It is one of the earlier computerized models, a 1630 now celebrating over 20 years of faithful service. Early on when I first owned this machine, I believe that I may have had a computer glitch and occasionally it will zigzag when I want a straight stitch, but over all it is like owning a Mercedes diesel...a luxury workhorse that just keeps on going. Jonathan will have yours working in no time.


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