Saturday, August 24, 2013

Getting there........

I've finished the quilt blocks - whoo hoo.  Next step is to arrange them and start sewing into the quilt top. I made 208 blocks - 196 are needed for the king size quilt, the remainder will be mixed in with other fabrics for the backside of the quilt. I'd love to get the top all pieced this week so I can take it with me to the fabric store to look for a good border......or maybe I'll decide I don't want a border like the original pattern.......but I do need a binding fabric.

 Fawn that was in the front yard eating weeds with it's momma yesterday evening - sure wish they'd stay and eat more of those weeds. They know it's safe here.

 I love how furry this fawn is

Look at all those spots
Things on the fire front are looking good - fires are still burning but getting more contained everyday. There are still over 2000 firefighters here but many have already left for mandatory time off or to work other more pressing and dangerous fires. The other morning after my fire sunrise pic we ended up having thunderstorms, at least they came with some rain, but there were 16 new fires started, last I heard 15 were totally taken care of, remaining one being worked on, since I haven't heard any update on that one I'm making an assumption it's under control. More lightning in the forecast tonight and tomorrow - what weird weather we have had this summer. Have those in the thick of other fires here in the west in my thoughts........
If you read my blog for the weaving don't give up, I'll be back to the loom soon, and to the dyepots.

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  1. What a cute little fawn! Definitely not camera shy! ;)

    Can't wait to see the completed quilt!


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