Sunday, August 4, 2013

Fire map

If you're not interested in the 'fire' updates instead of 'fiber' updates please skip.

I thought I'd post a picture of the latest fire map. To give you perspective - this is SW Oregon, that little bit of blue on the left hand side is the Pacific Ocean. Things are looking better for the fire closest to us, we'll be attending a community informational meeting later today to get the latest on the fires and hopefully hear more on what will be happening in the near future.  Thought I'd give you the latest on acres burned, percentage contained and cost - these figures are as of first thing this morning. Note - there are decimal points in those cost in the millions, the decimal point is hard to see in this font.

Brimstone Fire - this is the closest one to us, NW of us, see it above that star.
2298 acres burned, 60% contained (whoo hoo), 6.8 million cost to fight to date

Labrador Fire - this one is to the SW of us near the bottom of the map - it's in an area very difficult to fight where the Biscuit Fire burned 11 years ago and they expect this one to grow quite a bit.
2020 acres burned, 0% contained, 3.6 million

Big Windy Complex - these are the fires to the west of us, there are actually 3 but you can see 2 on this map - this is the one that has shut down a portion of the Rogue River and threatens Zane Grey's cabin plus other landmarks - they expect this might grow to 50,000 acres
6151 acres burned, 0% contained, 2.8 million

Douglas Complex - these are the big fires to the north of us, the most southern one approaching the Brimstone Fire
34,459 acres, 15% contained, 12.3 million

Whisky Complex - I couldn't get these on the map as they are pretty far north and east of us, you can just see the red at the top right hand corner of the map
5567 acres burned, 20% contained, 5.4 million

Keep sending good thoughts our way especially for the fire fighters who have such a dangerous job working in this terrain. Good news - only 2 out buildings have burned, no homes as of this morning - structural protection teams are doing a great job.

On another note - got back to some sock knitting last night, first sock has been on the needles for months, finished it up and got the second sock started - winter will be here before I know it.  Might work on more quilt blocks today - I have a total of 80 done now.  And I'm trying to think of 'J' photographs for the challenge and am stumped - hopefully I will come up with something in the next few days.


  1. This is Sandy @ My Yellow Swing. Thanks for your update. We've been incredibly lucky in Southern Arizona regarding fires. Our monsoon season has been good with hardly any lightening strikes. The one in Yarnell (Prescott) AZ was horrible in lives lost. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, your family, your community and the firefighters. Keep at the quilt blocks, I've made several like it and just love the way it looks. Re: Letter "J", I was back on my bike again and found several things for "J" photos.

  2. Oh dear seems you are right in the thick of it. Stay safe.

  3. So happy to hear that there is more good news about the fire nearest you. My daughter has a friend who's been fighting fires in Arizona all summer. She just got word this morning that he's being transferred up to Oregon to help out up there. Sounds like he and so many other fire fighters are working extra hard the past few months. But, I bet most of them are like my daughter's friend and absolutely love what they do. Such wonderful people! Stay safe!

  4. Thanks for the map -- it helps knowing where you guys are, exactly. Who pays for the firefighters? I know your county doesn't pay for police or libraries, so I'm wondering if it will pay for firefighters.

    "J" ideas -- jewelry, jock (Sam), jam, jalopy (car), Junior High, june bug (is that a lady bug?), jute, jay (as in "blue")

    1. Thanks for the "J" ideas - I have jam on my list and a couple others, no pictures of anything yet, will have to carry my camera to town with me to see if I can get a few of these - don't think jock Sam will want his picture on the blog though....will work on that one.....

      Who pays for the firefighters - good question - I'm not sure of where all the resources are coming from but much from ODF (Oregon Dept of Forestry), the state (Govenor & Senators visited Saturday) and the Federal Government (I did hear FEMA mentioned yesterday)......we do pay for wildland fire protection in our real estate taxes - crazies in this county don't get an option on dropping those, if they did, I'm sure we wouldn't have that either. The county declared a state of emergency last week which gets more money from somewhere, Governor declared a state of emergency (I think).


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