Friday, August 2, 2013

A timely Etsy Treasury

I've put together an Etsy Treasury with a forest fire theme showcasing fellow Handweavers of Etsy Team members and other great etsy shops. Click HERE to visit the treasury on etsy - favorite it, favorite the items, visit the shops - it helps to get all of us etsy artisans noticed.  And if you'd like to visit my Etsy shop click HERE for handwovens, click HERE for spinning and felting fibers.

Not much in fire updates this morning, they are slow coming so some of this info is from last night. The inversion layer will be lifting which will hopefully allow better visibility so the copters with water buckets and retardant bombers can hopefully be out there working the fires too. They are such a huge help to fighting fires, especially in the steep terrain.

Brimstone Fire - 2218 acres burned, 25% contained, cost $5M so far, overnight they conducted back fires, there were some spot fires but they were within the partial second fire line.
Labrador Fire - 1970 acres burned - 0% contained
Big Windy Fire - 5132 acres burned - 0% contained - they expect this one might burn to 50,000 acres
Douglas Complex Fire - 28,496 acres burned - 9% contained
Whisky Fire - 4836 acres burned - 18% contained

Send good thoughts this way to keep the firefighters all safe during this battle.

Countdown - 59 days to rain

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