Sunday, August 11, 2013

County Fair

Yesterday morning some of us went over to the fairgrounds to put up our display for this year's county fair. It looks pretty good other than the table cloth being a bit crooked, which I'll fix. All of us spinners sit in a circle in front of the display and spin - sometimes there is needlefelting going on, sometimes drum carding.  Usually we also have a 2 step wooden structure in front of the table to hold more fleeces for judging, so many fleeces that there are 3 levels of them and they're spilling out onto the floor. Last year they started charging to enter items in the fair, so in response entries are down. Linda (our very own personal wool superintendent) pleaded with 2 in our spinning group to bring these. Being there for judging very early one morning won't be very exciting this year but it's always a learning opportunity.........we whatever judge has been brought in from out of the area to judge 4-H sheep.


  1. So the same judge does sheep AND wool? Does that make sense? Seems like 2 different skills.

    1. I think it makes sense when the judge does both sheep and wool as he knows the animal but one year we had a young guy for our judge who had just judged the cattle and knew nothing about sheep - he kept asking us what we thought of the fleeces. For the past several years we've had very knowledgeable judges that we learned from.

  2. What a nice display! Who knows how many people you may introduce to spinning/weaving, which is a neat thought. Enjoy yourself and I hope the weather is good for you.
    Enjoy your week,


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