Thursday, August 29, 2013

Final dye day for a while.......

Today was another dye day, then I'm taking a break for a bit. It was a merino/tussah silk dye day. I love all of it except for that orangey one - it's just plain ugly and weird looking........but I'm thinking positive that when I spin a sample up it will be beautiful. Friend Pat came over to dye with me, she calls that orangey roving Hobbs, as in Calvin & Hobbs. I didn't get a picture of the yarn Pat overdyed, that she overdyed last year when here - it was pretty ugly but is not looking pretty nice.

If, a big if, this dries by tomorrow I'll get it weighed, bagged, labeled and photographed.  Then it's back to the quilt project - I really need to get that finished up, the sewing/craft room put back together and then clean up the piles in the weaving room so I can get back to the loom.......I'm having serious withdrawals.......

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