Monday, January 28, 2013

Tying on a time saver? not so sure.......

I don't usually tie on to a previous warp unless it's something like a rug or rag weaving warp with few ends per inch. Today I decided to tie onto the ginkgo warp I just finished. I thought I'd give it a try because it's a real reach back there threading harnesses 30 thru 40. Was it a time saver? I don't think so. I can thread heddles and the reed pretty fast, tying all those warp ends might take me a bit longer.....but I gave it another try.......after all it's been a long time since I've done it and I must have forgotten it's really not a time saver for me.  I would love to hear from others on how you do it quickly - maybe I'll change my mind if I change my process.
Here's where I'm tying on to the previous warp. I stuck the lease sticks in the old warp before I cut it off to hold the cross and keep all my warp ends in order. Then as I bring new warp to the loom I put it in another pair of lease sticks (on the left) to hold the cross and begin tying.
Here's a picture of the 11 yard warp after winding on the back beam. It is a bit more fiddly with having to straighten out warp ends a bit since they're all a little bit off from my knot tying not tied in the exact same place - I'm close but not perfect which makes it a bit fiddly winding on - not something I'm used to in my usual back to front warping.
Here's a few from the back of the loom, I'm ready to tie on the front beam and start sampling.
And here is my sampling......not as dramatic as the last warp but I want to do something very subtle and light this time with the ginkgos. I definitely like the silver gray, jury is out on the pink, you can't see the silver lavendar very well but it's pretty, the pale mint green is nice. I don't know if I'll like these light colors or not......will know after they're woven and washed. I'm feeling the need to weave something that makes me think spring will eventually come.

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  1. Already pining for spring? Why it's not even Feb. yet! But ginkgos in silver and white seem seasonless and quite lovely.


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