Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Life is good......

Not sure why but things are working today. Blogger is working again and I can post pictures the normal way - the 'browse' button is back.......maybe it was all the nasty posts Google was getting in the help forum........I posted to say thank you for fixing whatever the problem was. So, I have no new pictures to share so here's an old one of my 'fun' car in better weather, my 2006 Mustang. No, it's not really practical although it does have a huge trunk for a small car and the back seat folds down to make it even bigger. I love this car, it's what I drive 95% of the time, I only drive the van when I need more space.

The loom worked this morning too, I got one scarf woven before I ran to town for errands. Well, there's still an issue but I'm thinking that's a software bug and it didn't hamper my weaving once I got it going....will be checking with my AVL techie on that issue.

Now if we could lose the frozen fog and unseasonably cold temps for this area I'd really be happy.


  1. Yay! So glad to hear you had such a good day. I hope it was just the start of a new trend. :-)

  2. love your mustang! i have a 2nd gen camaro in the exact same color :) not a practical car either but i totally understand your love for yours.

  3. Sweet Car! Glad to hear you are a Ford girl. Hope the AVL issues get ironed out.


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