Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

2012 has come and gone, does time go by faster as we get older? Sure feels like it. It's now 2013, the start of a new year for us all. My wish is that's it's an incredible one for you all. No resolutions from me this year, if you have nothing better to do go read my post of Dec 31, 2011.....ditto what I said then......pretty much the sale old stuff.....good intentions......got side tracked along the way.....but I'm pretty much ok with it.......I did accomplish a lot, learned a lot and enjoyed the year.
The waves have been pretty big this past week, even more driftwood, really they're trees from up the Coquille River, on the beach than usual. Tides have been high, even around low tide the waves have been blocking much of the beach coming all the way up to the dunes.
Here is the foghorn we hear at the house
Bailey is saying do we really have to go back home now? Yeppers, time to get back to the every day, every day, orders to ship, scarves to get ready to ship for judging into an exhibit, Sam back to work. It's been a great week on the coast filled with a little rain, quite a bit of sun, reading, relaxing, playing games, a bit of knitting.
I have to mention in particular that on Sunday we took a ride up to Florence, it's a quaint little town 1 1 /2 hours north of us. It's always fun to go through the galleries and shops. We love to have lunch at Lovejoys Restaurant and English Tea Room but when I checked the website the night before I saw that they are closed Sunday & Monday. Oh well, what could we do, just find another place to eat, after all the town is filled with incredible restaurants. When we got into Old Town I told Sam we should go by Lovejoys just in case they decided to open since it's a holiday weekend - the flag was out, open sign on the door - whoo hoo. We had the Royal Tea, might as well go all out. If one wasn't interested in tea, scones, savories, sweets there are many other items on the menu, it's not just a tea house. The salmon bisque is worth the trip itself. If you're on the mid-Oregon coast be sure to stop in for lunch. The food is yummy, the owner's delightful. Next time up there we will have to check out the antique shops, a row of them on each side of US101.......and have lunch at Lovejoys.

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  1. we were in florence last july and had a lovely time :) the shops are so fun there, even our 10 year old son enjoyed a day of browsing and good food! Happy new year to you!


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