Saturday, January 19, 2013

Revised ginkgos........

I did get one scarf woven yesterday afternoon, took me forever to get to the loom. I revised my draft adding 4 additional rows of 3/1 twill in-between two rows of ginkgo leaves and like it much better. Fired up the AVL and shaft #40 did not raise again, composed myself, turned it off and back on again and it worked. Also once in a while (3 times yesterday) when hitting the pedal shafts did not change (some falling/some rising), would hit the pedal again and it was back working. I don't know enough about it but seems like a communication issue between something, maybe the e-lift and dobby, don't understand it enough to know, Sam will look at it again today before I resort to contact my tech person. It's not a huge problem but with the cost of this loom and being only a year old I shouldn't have all these small issues popping up each time I weave.
Still not sure what the blogger issue is - still can't upload pictures in the 'compose' mode - have to go to the 'html' mode to do it. Supposedly they're working on it but it's been over 2 weeks now, will have to check the chat forums and see what the update is.

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