Monday, January 21, 2013

Can't get a break......

I just can't seem to get a break with this AVL. I got one scarf woven the other day but was still having issues with occasionally pushing the pedal and no harnesses rising, would hit the pedal again and they'd go on rising as they should. Not a big deal but it shouldn't happen.  I was very excited today to weave while watching the inauguration - well no go for weaving. I turned everything on and now no harnesses rise when I press the pedal. To add to this when I close down the program it won't close, task manager won't get it closed and I end up having to do a hard shut down to the computer. Hoping my in house techie husband can help when he gets home from work later, if not I'll be contacting my AVL tech. It's very distressing that I have so many issues with this loom, it's always one thing or another. If anyone out there reading my blog has had these issues with the AVL V-Series and knows the fix please comment, I'd love to hear from you.

So instead of weaving I put together more felting kits for my etsy shop as I was out of one type and almost out of another. Am now trying to decide if I should just sit and knit in front of the fire with the dvd for the first few episodes of Downton Abbey season 2 or if I should go back to the studio and figure out a project to go on the other loom. That fire is calling me as we are still stuck in the frozen fog with freezing temps...........


  1. Oh Cindie, I'm so sorry you are having such problems with your AVL! They need to offer a full troubleshooting course on it!

    1. And a good manual!!! I suggested to my tech person that she rewrite the manual they have which is lacking in the basics, even in what order to turn things on which would only take 3 short lines. Sam worked on it again last night and it was working again......hoping it is today when I turn it on......when all is well I love it.

  2. Hi - Your PC may be causing the problems. I had to install more memory on a PC that used to drive my AVL compudobby without problems. The PC was occasionlly overwhelmed by an antivirus program and the MS Windows "look for updates" process. Both processes were "more important" than the loom driver.

    Nancy Hassel

  3. Thank you Nancy, I'll check on how much memory I have on my laptop. I was thinking it should be enough since it was bought specifically for the AVL and checking email in the studio but maybe when Norton and Windows updates are both working it causes communication issues. I am now down to just the one problem, others are fixed. While weaving a scarf length sometimes when I press the pedal the e-lift system engages but no harnesses raise, doesn't slow me down much as I just press the pedal and all is fine again - happens from 1 to 3 or 4 times. There is some sort of communication issue.


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