Wednesday, September 18, 2013


In the evenings I'm working on Christmas gifts - can't show them all in case the recipients read my blog.....although very few family members ever look at it. This is as much of a picture that will show here until after the holidays.

It rained hard here yesterday morning - not enough to end fire season but it did bring the fire level down from 'extreme' to 'high'.....any little bit helps. More rain is coming in late Friday and it sounds like we may get rain for several days.....maybe the end of fire season???  I hope so.

Photography challenge pictures to come as soon as I edit them........

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  1. Whatever you are knitting, it's beautiful! I think I'm weaving my Christmas gifts this year. I knitted fingerless gloves for my family last year. Good news about the rain. We are at the end of our monsoon, I'm ready for cool and dry. Can't wait to see your Photo Challenge pics.


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