Sunday, September 22, 2013

It's done...finally....well, close to being done......

I've finally finished piecing the quilt top and backing. I still need to interview long arm quilters in the area to find one to do the actual quilting for me - I know my limits with my machine and patience. I can't believe how much longer it took than I estimated. I was thinking this is an easy design, which it was, and I'd just zip it out like one of Eleanor Burns Quilt in a Day patterns........well, didn't quite happen that way.  Speaking of Eleanor Burns - the next 2 quilts, twin size, will be using one of her patterns.......but those won't get started until sometime this's time to get back to weaving!
Here is the top of the quilt on our bed here - this quilt will be residing at the sea glass inspired beach cottage once finished
A close-up of the top - when I get the quilt back from the long arm quilter I'll have to put a binding on it but that's not a big deal. Depending on the quilter's schedule it could take a while to get the quilting done but since I waited 3 years to piece it, a little longer won't matter.
And here is the backing - I could have used a solid wide fabric for the backing and been done with it but I decided to use the 3 extra blocks I made and to use up all the leftover fabrics from the front. It was all randomly done, each fabric in varied sizes that I had leftover. I am so glad to be finished with this project so I can take down the cutting table I've been working on and actually have more than 2 ft of floor space to walk in the sewing room. I'm pretty tired of dealing with the huge amount of fabric when sewing the front and back together, pretty heavy and unruly to deal with. I was ready to be done with this project a few weeks ago....but I will enjoy sleeping under for years to come......


  1. Cindie, the quilt is just perfect for your beach glass inspired cottage. Nice job!

  2. WOW, Cindie, your new quilt looks amazing !! Well done. Great colour combinations. I do like your backing. A great idea to prevent the leftovers from a project from languishing in the stash. :-)

  3. It truly is beautiful!! (And you could use it for "Q" picture!) My experience with that type of quilt top might need a very thin batting. With that much piecing and the back being pieced also, you don't want it to get too heavy. Just a thought!

    1. Yes, as I was dealing with the sewing of the panels it was heavy with just one layer so I will definitely be using a thin batting.

  4. It is lovely. You inspire me to not give up on collecting squares for my patchwork quilt...just don't ask how long I have been collecting :)

  5. That is very beautiful and impressive!


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